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I purchased a Echo trimmer from Home Depot and it works very well. I like it a lot.
I try to buy from a dealer. I like to support the small shop. But having said that I think buying from a dealer is a little over rated. Like one of the other post said Home Depot if the thing breaks will just give you a new one. No dealer around here will do that. The HD close to me has a tool rental and they have guys who service the rental equipment. In my experience, if I do have a problem, they will ask me to have the guy in rental look at it. If he can't fix it right then, Give me a new one. Can't complain about that. Officially they have a 30 day return but are very relaxed on that. Now If my unit is over a year old they won't do that but a dealer wont take anything back the day you purchased it.
Again my experience.

On a related note we had a large JD dealer. They were very well known to tell you to take a hike if you needed service on a JD purchased from Home Depot. JD walked in one day at that dealer and pulled their dealership.
They had been a JD dealer for years. Like over 30 or 40 years.
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