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Originally Posted by RhettMan View Post

I love being a business owner, it means security for me, though I am very afraid of drought.
Normally i would not mind a drought, we are set up for watering on a large scale basis we use hydrants to fill our water tanks and some we just use the hydrants to get the water preusre we need. I even went so far as to rig a truck with 2 lines spraying off the drivers side so i can just roll around parking lots shooting water 200' out onto the turf. Im not sure how much we will do this year with the economy....

as far as changes i would make I would have ditched the business partner sooner, added watering as a regular service sooner. hired a cpa sooner

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1500 gal tank w/ 2.5" fire line and garden hose's
Iron Oak log splitter where we get our uniforms.

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