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I got to check the mower out some today. Here are some of the specs and my impression and thoughts about it:

It is a Promaster 400, with the Yanmar diesel motor (serial # 3TNE82A-AF). It has 572 hrs on the mower and a 72" deck. It used to be owned by a rental co. and the guy bought it off of them. He said he is related to the salesman and got a pretty good deal on the mower. He has had it for a little over a year and mows his 5 acres with it. He is selling his place to move closer to town and work.
The mower is dirty compared to how I like to keep my equipment. It could use a good cleaning, but doesn't appear to be in bad condition. I did see 2 drops of oil on the concrete below the mower, right underneath the axle area. The 2 drops appear to be small and fresh but the concrete is clean. (I do know this is where he keeps his mower all of the time) The deck is lifted by 2 hyd cyl and all of the connectors look good. The drive tires look a little worn, but usable. The front caster wheels look a little beat up, but straight.
It seemed pretty smooth driving, and the cut wasn't bad. I think the blades could stand to be sharpened and it would cut better. It has been dry around here so the grass really wasn't thick or tall. I would like to mow some that puts some stress on the mower to see how it's power and ability hold up.

I could not find a serial number for the mower. How can I find out the year or info on it or the motor? I just want to check to make sure it is what it is supposed to be. The guy originally told me he would like $8k but would consider around $6k. After seeing it, I am more likely to offer $4k -$5k instead, but I want to check it out again beforehand. From the limited description, what is a mower of this quality worth? I would appreciate any input.

Thank you,

Joey Heady

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