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So I said I would post pics. Here they are. Long story short, jumping through city hoops and a friend in the hospital made the budget go from 600 to 50 and cut the time I had to work on this in 1/4th. I decided to not go with the trummel(?) yet. Oh, and I went with 1/4" mesh for now, but might change my mind on that.

Anyways I threw this together yesterday. Today I tested a couple different ways to work the compost through the screen. I think I am going to rig some wires to pull the mesh up and down with a foot peddle. It looks like it is going to be pretty slick even for a one man operation.

So I still need to add the wire. I am also going to add a couple guides to keep the compost from falling between the totes. Any suggestions are welcome.
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