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Ferris HydroCut Reviews

I am currently looking at a Ferris HydroCut 32" mower for this year in which the owner is asking $2500 CAD . It is a used machine but can't find a whole lot about the specific model. It has the 13 Kawasaki engine. Anyone have experience (good/or bad) they can tell me about?

This would be my first WB as I have been getting away with 21"ers for the past 6 years as most of the properties are quite small. Is there specific issue I should look out for? I would like to get a larger mower but, as with some, getting through gates is an issue for me.

I read about the arguments for being only a single hydro, but I don't have huge hills I need to confront. This machine would basically be used to increase productivity on the larger lots.

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