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Originally Posted by whoopassonthebluegrass View Post
As I was putting the sprayer together for those pix, I found that my strainer glass is cracked internally all the way around. So maybe it's time to replace it, anyhow. I like the comfort of seeing that filter anytime I am over at the pump and motor. I think I'll try the same unit with the 20 mesh... Is this the unit you were referencing? (the $42.08 choice)

Yes exactly correct. When you mount as you likely know, a very good seal with Teflon tape is key. Save the Gasket from your old Bowl too....You may need it someday...Put some grease on it.

I've been running the yellow 2GPM nozzle. I use this setup strictly for turf.

OK, then a 2nd 50 mesh filter would make that issue go away....No more unscrewing and tapping to clean in the middle of a lawn...Boy what a pain.. And it works waaay better than placing panty hose over the thread than screwing on the yellow cap over top of it...That affected the flow/spray pattern to much from my experance.

That sounds nice. I clog my nozzle quite frequently. Where in the assembly do you have it connected? Just prior to the reel?

Yes I put in where the hose enters the reel, and use quick disconnects...I get them From Oesco in Mass. Keep your pressure below 100psi.

So far so good. I wouldn't say I'm out of the woods yet, but I genuinely appreciate all the help thus far.

Your will be happy when you make all these upgrades. Less downtime, a smoother running pump, and a clean Nozzle LOL.

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