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Originally Posted by whoopassonthebluegrass View Post
I was eyeballing these ones earlier:

Actually, wood bits (spade bits for larger sizes) bore through the tank with incredible ease, and accuracy.

Should I run something bigger than 3/8"?? The original line there was a 1" hose.

The 3/8 is the Bypass hose from the pump. They plumbed it into the 1" Suction line......There lies the problem.

So the 1" Suction line will remain 1".

The 3/8 Bypass line will get it's own dedicated Bulkhead (new you will add) and you will plug the end where the 3/8 hose was plumbed into the 1" manifold/Hose.

The 1/2" yellow spray hose that runs from your pump, to the top bulkhead, to the agitation tube will remain.

So now you will have a Dedicated 1" Suction line......A dedicated "Pump Bypass" line......And a Pressure Agitation Line.

The way it should have come from the factory

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