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Originally Posted by whoopassonthebluegrass View Post
I keep thinking that the strainer I have is a 40 mesh. I'll get it back out of the barn tomorrow and take pix of it...

As for the after-the-pump strainer: what unit is that? Do you have a picture of how it hooks in, or a link? And how often do you have to clean it out?

Thanks (again).
I clean out at the end of a week of spraying turf but never clogged yet.

Here are some links: Get the 1/2" Bulkhead assm. Get 5 feet of 3/8" clear Braided. Get Hose Barb Male Elbow 1/2"X3/8" EL1238PP Get the 122 Line strainer 1/2" and ask in the notes section for a 50 or 80 Mesh filter. Order 2 extra bowl gaskest as well. Lighty grease gasket when you remove bowl, and it wont dislodge from the grove and get pinched/leak. Another trick.

The 1/2" nylon plug to put in, where you remove the 3/8" hose barb with
1/2" threads at the manifold can be bought at a hardware store....PVC Nylon and teflon tape so no leaks......Key as this is a Suction Line.

Keep us posted.

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