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Originally Posted by whoopassonthebluegrass View Post
Thanks for the feedback, that's terrific!! I'll be ordering shortly.

One more question, if I may: will this unit that is in the pictures allow me to directly mate one of your D30's to the gear box and motor? Ric says yes... but his Alzheimers is so severe that I never know whether it's safe to trust him or not.
Yes, its the exact same gearbox. The D403GRGI uses a gearbox with part number 9910-KIT1640. That is the normal gearbox used on a D30.

The KIT1640 requires an engine shaft that is a staight 3/4" shaft with a keyway. On the pump side it needs the standard Hypro flange with the 3 bolt holes. This is the flange found on the D30, D50, the D403 and a few more Hypro diaphragm pumps.

Hope that clears it up. We have plenty of inventory.
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