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chem app left to professionals only

I'm seeing more and more chemicals either being banned, mis-used or discontinued due to bad science or misuse. Why can't we, as a professional industry go to the manufacture's such as DOW and demand that they make all the chemical apps only availabe to liscensed trade pro. Take the chemicals away from the mom and pop nursery. Take away the chemicals away from the chain stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Orchard Supply Hardware(sears). I would think this would be a way to stop misuse by a lot of people.

I do realize it would take sales away from chem companies and would raise our prices to purchase. Then on the other hand, we as liscensed chem applicators would be able to pass on the extra costs on to our clients.

Let's demand that chemicals be taken away from the general public. Do you think it would work? Lets here some thoughts on this.

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