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Yeah, saw it on the news. Sorry, not all of us know him like you do. It is very sad but for us who don't know him it does not hit us the same.

About a month ago, Chris Martinez, a volunteer fire fighter that had a pest control business that lived around the corner from me that was shot in the street by a guest of a neighbor. I knew the guy and traded services with him. It hit me the same way it is hitting you, but to others it is not the same.

TXNS, I am in Burleson to Fort Worth to Arlington and hopefully soon into Weatherford. You say the word and I will let you buy me lunch No seriously I can afford my own but I am always willing to meet another contact.

There was a new guy out of Fort Worth that was talking about starting up the other day. I offered him a cup of coffee and a chance to explain that right now was not the time to drop a steady 40 hr job to go mow. He has not taken me up on it yet. I guess he doesn't like coffee.
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