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This has a Vari-Drive, which is a variable speed pulley. It works good for changing speeds on the go and does not slip either. It is upto 4,000 rpm's through the governor (class rules). Going through the chrome 2.5" diameter straight pipe, and with the 115 octane racing fuel, it sounds real good! Different than the Kohlers, but I like it. I like to be different. I'd rather pull this than a Cub just cause everyone else is running cubs. I wouldn't mind having a Kohler though...
It is alot of fun to do. No it's not a family thing, I'm the only one who does it I got into it myself my dad isn't into it. He takes me to them and watches though, but he keeps his hands to himself
7.5' SnoWay w/Pro-Wings call 812-371-6069
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