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Hey Nathan. I see you do like the 250's! They are powerhouses. Funny you mention the Rustoleum Hunter green paint. The 2 trailers I've had built, I've used that paint. It's good stuff, and a great thing about it is that it's readily available in a spray can, which is great for touch ups, or if you add on racks later etc. Check out the pic of my 18 footer for the Rustoleum. I had the trimmer rack and blower rack added after the trailer was made, so after they were fabricated they were welded on, spray primed, and sprayed with the Rustoleum. Done. I also used the paint (by the gallon-rolled on) when I added the wood sides. Hell, come to think of it, I even used it to paint the Billy Goat to math the trailer. You've got a great set up, and I wish you the best this season. It seems like your crew is happy, and ready to mow!
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