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Mancozeb DG & Flowable are both very economical & labled for control of Pythium & Dollar Spot.

The 4lb Flowable does both at 12.8 oz/M for about $2.26/M. Fungicide don't get any cheaper than this. And that's at the high rate!

I've intentionally left the Prodigy out of my program (because I ran out, wanted to prove Mancozeb works, & am cheap) & have so far escaped Pythium by applying the Mancozeb DG (with Eagle) at 6 oz/M. It clogs my Solo backpack at this rate. Therefore the Flo would be the way to go if this is the only application method available.

This isn't the sort of control we might expect from such heavy hitter as Banol, Subdue, Prodigy, or Heritage. But Heritage is $355.00 per acre on the current promotion. And it doesn't control Dollar Spot. Mancozeb 4 Flow is under $100.00. That's cheaper than Merit or any other grub control.

This might make broad-spectrum summer disease control an option for folks who wouldn't otherwise even consider it.

Just a thought.

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