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Originally Posted by outrunjason View Post
Anyone read and watch the video on my Post?

It was a top news story yesterday. Brandt Lawn Service owner was killed in his home. I see Brandt Lawn Service all the time in Plano. I had no idea he lived 3 houses down from where I mowed. Some stations like 4 and 11 have even better footage of his crew and interviewed some of his neighbors.
Sorry to hear that.
I wonder if it might be something like what happened to I guy I know a few years ago. He worked in the The Coloney area and mowed my brother in laws yard. He had some workers he had to pay in cash [if you know what I mean], well anyway some ex employees went to his house early the morning of payday and tied him up, tried to beat him to death, and stole the payrole cash. Luckly he did not die before they found him, but it took him a long time to recover.
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