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Originally Posted by srl28 View Post
Nope, not stopping the production of the L39, the 45 is in addition to. the l45 is the same machine as the l39 basically, same loader and backoe, size, etc, just a larger engine, larger pumps for more lift capacity and the big one---the l45 is hydrostatic trans instead of the l39 which has glide shift trans. Just sold our Kubota b7800 and will be purchasing an l45 soon, Ill be sure to post some pics of it when it arrives!

How do you like the L39 Ducati? pros? Cons?
You are correct the L39 lives on! the L45 is the model in between the L39 and L59. Hydro is the key difference here along with the bump in break-out force with the loader (the jump makes a difference between models in this case). The L39 is very good and respectable, the L45 makes it even better. Loader lift capacities are almost dead even. For those who arent familar with breakout force - the more you have the better the FEL is able to dig, and cut into hard pack surface. Either way both machines are superior to the JD110, in my opinion.

I got my L39 long before the mention of the L45 - I was shooting for the M59 but couldnt because of trailer weight and CDL limits in my parts. I love my GST, but if given the choice I would tip my hat to hydro - but Kubotas foot pedal is annoying IMHO (so you have to adjust to it), its just not as natural as Deeres or others.
There will be a pretty signifcant price jump between the L39 to L45 - that may be too much for many to make that jump. Right now the L39 has a key advantage between top performer and price. The M59 teaters on the edge ($$ wise) of going to a full size TLB unit from Case or Deere...something to think about but still a very nice machine.
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