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Originally Posted by nnj18 View Post
So why exactly do you have 3 trucks, 2 are brand new and a nice car and only really use 2 for work and already have the red chevy for personal? Doesn't make sense to me, but you know your own situation not me.....just asking to understand somewhat.

I don't see why you'd have a new truck you're making payments on sitting all winter.
Everything is paid for except the red truck, so no payments. The green truck was my main mowing rig truck. I needed a 2500 for the mowing route so i bought the blue 2500 to replace the green 1500. I got a great deal on it, so everything fell into place. I put alot of money into the green truck and won't sell it. Its pretty much my "beater" now. Almost everything has been replaced in it. The red diesel is a truck i've allways wanted. Diesel power, crew cab and a full size bed. I pretty much use it on my long trips either with or without the dump. Pretty much any towing long distances i use the diesel. Its fully loaded so its comfortable to drive everyday and is very fuel efficient but also expensive. $ doesnt matter... as long as the truck does its job. I'm very satisfied with it. The blue 2500 gets literally half the mpg the diesel gets, but is still a great truck. I need 2 trucks, one being a backup. I'm at the point in my business where 1 truck absolutely will not work.

Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
I the first set of ramps have straps that go from the ramp to the hitch. The the second set locks into the rungs of the first. Its actually safer because its not steep
Sorry, i was thinking two seperate ramps like two boards. I know what your saying now.. I thought about it, but never really acted apon it.
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