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Originally Posted by TF PLUS View Post
The vibration kit was from Vortex Granular Systems, owners name is Mike. Very innovative guy and he has a website. It was 350$ installed. He's out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Several years ago I met Mike and had him come to Marco Island and demo a kit to attach to your spreader so you can spread fertilizer in bushes, tough to reach areas, etc... It worked, so I bought the kit and he installed it. I called on Mike when I first had a difficult time spreading worm cast-grain compound back in August. So now I can use my Lesco spreader to spread worm cast grain compound on bushes and lawns where application amount need to be accurate.
TF PLus,

I just ordered the vibration kit (Mike should get it shipped tomorrow). Things look good. I am going to be using a Spyker #288. I modified the axle and agitator inside the hopper and got a good response. The only problem left was I had to shake teh spreader to settle the compost every so often. I'm hoping the vibration kit takes care of that problem.

The test compost I used was screened to 1/4" and was pretty wet. I could literally make "black snowballs" and throw them. Here is a pic of the coverage (note: you can see the thick spot is where I shook the spreader)...
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