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Guys, I get "hung up" on precision when it comes to applications, BUT put precision in the right perspective. It isn't about how much product is in a 2"x2" square. It is about how much product is in a 2'x2' square and how the 2'x2' square down the middle of the pass compares to a 2'x2' square on either end of the pattern. I made tree mad when I "suggested" that some broadcast equipment fails this test unless the pattern is overlapped. I have never seen an eco-lawn, and in all honesty, TG's word that it is even is good enough for me. If it was my nickel being spent, I would want a demo and check it myself before I passed them the check, but I am that way about almost anything I expect to perform. If I had to build it, then I have to kick myself (quite good at that too, actually), but I still kick and I don't "settle". If I'm buying something, the trade offs are weighed accordingly and then I make a decision.

My point is that the picture shows some lighter and darker "spots", but overall the distribution (minus the one streak) looks decent. Plants, even turf, don't pull nutrients from a single 1" square. Root zones are wide. The goal is to be as uniform as possible in an overall sense of the application area, not "perfect".

And, even with a drop spreader, if I feel it must be as "perfect" as possible, we do overlapping patterns in two directions. Overkill? maybe, but I feel better.
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