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That is more a personal preference than anything else. If it is the ride that you are struggling with, Ferris has 4 wheel independent suspension. As for production, obviously as you know, the mid mounts are the way to go, as well as for room on your trailer(s). As for manufacturer, that is a simple one, dealer support. I m headed strongly back to maintenance this year, and actually have decide to go with Ferris because of the dealer support and the factory is here in NY about an hour and a half from me. The dealer I have dealt with in the past handle Toro, Exmark, Scag and now Walker, but service sucks. I have had times when my machine was down over a week because of the way they handle it, and lets face it, that is no where near acceptable, especially in this economy. The dealer I am with now has guaranteed me a demo if mine goes down, regardless. It may not be the same as I am bringing in as far as model and size i.e. I have 3100 series, may end up with a 2000 series while mine is being fixed, but I won't lose a whole days pay. You can;t beat that, customer service start to finish, that is a huge issue now. Good luck, let us know how you do.
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