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Originally Posted by ArizPestWeed View Post
Fan type for sure .
Spray like you are mowing , in strips , best to use a dye marker so you know where you have been, well , if it's a golf course , forget the dye.
I tried a boom one time , not enough flow to support the 2 or more tips .
Besides, the Surflo does not pump enough fluid for big jobs , too slow
Az- Can your battery backpack put out enough volume to support a 2 or 3 tipped boom... 1gal/1000+ at normal walking speed?

Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
What I like on the end of a wand is an Teejet AI11003 or AI11004. At normal walking speed, you can put down a gallon per 1000 with very good coverage and no overlapped or skipped areas. The coverage and accuracy is near that of a tractor mounted boom. Those nozzles also have the advantage of drastically reducing drift. A conventional fan nozzle mists and is prone to moving off target.
Greendoc- how wide of a pattern and what type of pressure is this? I am assuming this reply is based on a traditional pump style BP, not the gas-powered one you also use?

Guys here's what I'm looking for (some of it is similar to what DA is looking for)

1) Precise delivery. Waving the wand isn't an option for me.
2) 1gal/1000+ volume. I want to try a few things this year that need this type of volume
3) Ease and efficiency. I'm interested in a 2-3 boom setup if it's capable of those volumes at normal walking pace. I'll have a hard time staying motivated to make my apps if it's going to take too long because I have to walk sllllooooww or spray a 30" pass at a time.
4) Low-cost of equipment. This is for my own lawn only. I don't make applications for a living, so I don't want to sink hundreds of $$$ into this. I don't have a problem with $100 for a decent backpack and $20-50 for nozzles/boom if it will do the job I want it to. If I need to spend 3-4-500 to do what I want, I'll have to rethink.

Will a Solo with some thing like this work for me?

What say you lawnsite faithful?
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