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Originally Posted by Lucky Star Lawn Care View Post
Well I am in the process in trying to learn more about plants, flowers, etc. And you seem to have a pretty solid background in those areas so I feel I could learn some things from you. Any books or things you suggest that may help me out also??
I've still got a ways to go in learning plants and landscape ideas. It all comes down to knowing what readily available in your area, and also landing the jobs with a little creative freedom. Whenever I go to a nursery, I'm always nosing around and looking at the obscure stuff. Eventually things start sticking with you and the sensory overload from learning plants tends to subside.

I watch a lot of the victory garden on PBS. Lots of good info and garden ideas there. I also have about 3 tree encyclopedias, and 3 plant encyclopedias for cross-referencing plants I don't know. I also have a couple of magazine subscriptions such as PRO.

The MG course was invaluable. They cover so many topics and you get a professional from the local universities to cover each topic. The hands on experience was awesome. The thing that has stuck with me the most is the problem solving skills you learn to use your MG knowledge to help your local community with gardening issues.

I also travel around the area to scope out gardens. I know STL has some good places, and you can ride off most of it on your expense sheets. Take any employees with you too, the more they learn, the better they are for your company. I've got a part-time occasional helper that I take to garden centers, etc...

I think my favorite jobs I've seen on Lawnsite is what chestnut oak pres has done and what Jimlewis has posted in the Landscaping forum. They have some great perspectives and knowledge of their environments.
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