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No offence or Chevy bashing but I looked at the attached photo and it looks like they cut and pasted in the trailer with the mini on it. You look at the truck and you can tell it was moving when the picture was taken by the blurryness on the wheels but look at the trailers wheels they are at a dead stop.

I would probably wait a year before considering buying one of these new ugly looking trucks by that time the bugs might be worked out or Chevy will scrap the idea of these trucks. If they are trying to aim these for Work/Personal use trucks its not gonna work not like F-450 and F-550 where you can use these trucks for a daily driver if you choose todo so and they look like a P/U truck from a distance. You could spot that chevy from a mile away it sticks out like a sore thumb a real DOT attractor better watch out for being overloaded.
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