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Originally Posted by bicmudpuppy View Post
ROFLMAO, but we continue to "feed the fire" and step up to the debate anyway.
Well you know me .... I am not likely to back down when pressed.

Originally Posted by bicmudpuppy View Post
I've only worked with one LCO in my short, just shy of 30 year career in turf who went the extra mile to wash equipment. They towed the mowers with a spray rig that was only used part time. The sprayer left the shop full and came back nearly empty every day. A quick blast of the deck was all that really ever happened, and the target was more presentation than anything else, but the CUSTOMERS thought it was great that they made the extra effort.
I agree it is a serious PITA, but you know what they say ....

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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