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Originally Posted by Five Star Lawn Care LLC View Post
is anybody else struggling to get new work this year?
or even to get the phone to ring for that matter...

ive put out some fylers so far this year to try to spark some interest bt nothing is really helping.

i feel like im almost at a stand still....i dont want to keep dumping money into advertising when money is allready tight gong into spring....doesnt help that one client still owes $17k from winter...

anybody else feeling very stessed right now or is it just me?
You know I was feeling pretty optimistic untill recently. Here is qucik overview of conversations with customers toady:

Small Residential - going to keep and got a $5.00 per cut price increase (Long story)

Another small residential, said everything always looked good, but they are going to try it themselves this year.

Vacant residential lot in a upsacle subdivision, going to keep at same price as last year.

A mid-sized commercial, losing half of it, becasuse its rented and the tennant is going to maintain it to save money. Still keeping one side, but obviously not getting the same price (still losing work).

Now overall, this isn't as bad as it could of been, but the worst of it is, its a beautiful spring day out, and not once all day has the phone rang with any inquires about new work. I'm trying to stay optimistic, as I have quite a few bids out there, and am just waiting to hear back. Also spoke with a guy late last week on a commercial landscape job that sounds rather promising. However, none of this stuff is a done deal yet.

Now, as far as I'm concerned it's still a little early. In past expiriences, I almost have this happen every year, where I start slow and start to panic, then things pick up once we get into April and May and everything turns out okay. This was the case last year, and it ended up being my best year yet.

While, I basically know this probably isn't going to be a record breaking year where I'm swamped with work, but I havn't given up hope yet. This is probably going to be a year where people really procrastinate and put things off to the last minute.
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