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As we have talked about cultural disease control in a couple of threads, and talked about synthetics vs organics, I can't help but muse about the semantics of it all. The real issue, as I see it, isn't this pseudo war between "organics" vs synthetics, but what should be a true crusade toward BMPs. And for obvious reasons that are being documented in the "synthetic world" as well, cultural practices should come first. In my situation, growing a golf green at <.250" is far from the best cultural environment. Those hybrid bermuda's they are maintaining at <.100" even more so, but that is the product we provide, so raising HOC isn't really an option, BUT so many other things are. I haven't worked at a luxury budget golf course since I was a kid. My post college career has been at financially distressed properties. I have floated back to using my irrigation skills and working residential/commercial instead of golf on several occasions. When you don't have the $$$ to just throw out there, you have to be good at the cultural. Getting those above you to understand the limitations is the challenge. The better you do with what you have, the more they expect. We are an "instant fix" society. This leads us to the synthetic route vs a true cultural cure of many problems. Why work for the best end results when you can "spray and pray" and be home for the weekend? The detrimental side effects of this mentality are becoming more and more DOCUMENTED. The suppositions by the old timers that these problems would be here has always been there. I think where I am going with this is a request for more of an "open mind" from some who are here. I think you will find the organics "cause" more befriended if we don't knock the "cheats" so much and concentrate our efforts on the educational aspects of the detrimental aspects of so many of the synthetic " 'cides" out there. We need to be vocal at the university level that research needs to be done and documented. The studies by Christians on the corn gluten are an excellent example. We need to work on the mentality that says you can't compare a synthetic control to cultural control. Most disease trials insist on the cultural conditions to be as "honest" as possible. This is NOT being "honest", it is perpetuating a mentality that says we have a magic pill for everything. ROI should require that we not waste the water to make the site favorable in the first place. We should do everything we can to promote the health of the target site vs artificial immunity from a chemical that is (in most cases, not all) limiting or destroying the natural immunity at the same time.
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