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Sorry for the cut and paste, but I thought it would be easier, I was directed to this thread by another member (thanks) Any info you guys could give me would be great.

Well this is my first post. Been in the biz along time and have my own company but I am currently shopping for a new 410 and a Zahn to replace a aging 400SX and a great little 255. The 255 is worth keeping to me because the used market gives you pretty much nothing for them and mine is in good condition. The prices on a Zahn with a puller and trencher and a new 410 that I got seem WAY high especially since the economy is what it is right now. I was wondering is some of you are willing to share what they cost you to purchase. I am looking at a Zahn with a trencher attachment and a plow attachment and am very interested because of the versatility down the road and the 410 would be a clear choice for replacing my 400 (with a trencher, boring unit and plow). Thanks for any help ... I just found this site and I plan on using it ... what a great place!
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