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Very well said
The fact of the matter is that turf, except in sports and golf scenarios, is very easy to keep in fairly good shape with little to no effort

Golf and sports has a LOT of foot traffic, often you have to grow a new crop of turf every year.......and it has to be close to perfect

The cultural practices that you talk about are the key to great management of any site
My personal thought is

the money has to be spent to have personnel on the site..... Okay given
The money has to spent to have the irrigation, park bench painted, balls picked up on the driving range, etc

INPUTS is the exception
IF, you can figure out how to do the inputs differently and sustainable that is a large impact
Less water, less seed (not at first), less fertilizer, less cides

Fertile soil can grow anything

In sand based "sports" and "golf" organic matter is a bad word
If the fertile soil has aggrigation and soil porosity, it is basically sand based but fertile

HHHMMMMMM, I need to think about that
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