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Originally Posted by calvarylandscapegroup View Post
Hey everyone, I just want to tell you guys this site is a big help. I just started my own company, but have been doing this for 8yrs now. I am trying to land this apt complex, it's three buildings so for mowing i think it would take me by myself about 3-4 hrs, but they are wanting multch and pruning done. There are three other companies bidding,I don't want to low-ball either but i do want to be in the competitive price bracket. Thanks again guys.

What would make it worth it for you to do it? Figure out your time and most people charge 45 an hour for work plus mat. Forget about what people charge and low-balling just bid what you wanna make on it. That way your happy when your doing it, and if you dont get it there are plenty more opportunities
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