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We are going to be switching to more contract billing (versus our current per occurence billing or al la carte).

The way I see it, you're setting up a contract with them for $xx dollars and they pay xx for xx service which you define. So you might indicate that you'll determine when the lawn needs service according to weather conditions. In March/April and November/December you may add or delete cuts depending on weather. We figure about 30 cuts per year. I've had late springs and early winters that leave us at 27 or 28 cuts and we've had early springs and late winters taking us to 32 or 33 cuts.

Even with the drought conditions and you skip cuts, you figure that into your average number of cuts. As well, you may still do a little line trimming or edging to keep the edges neat if they're growing. The customer has hired you as a professional to manage their turf, which means they're paying you to not only know when to cut the lawn because it needs it, but they're also paying you to know when not to cut it beause you'll damage the turf. Don't feel guilty if you haven't run your equipment over the grass - this is the time of year you can relax a little and bring in the extra income from working your butt off in the spring when it was growing more quickly.

Weather is not something you can control - and should be stated in your contract. What happens if you get a blanket of snow from November 15th into January/February not allowing you to do a final fall clean up for your properties? There needs to be a provision as to how you handle inclement weather - in my opinion.
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