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I bill every week, and the majority of my customers actually PAY, every week. There are a few thatI miss, or just honestly forget to leave the money in the agreed upon location occasionally, and they catch up the next week. Then there are those that seem to think the Lawn magically mows itself, even though I leave them a bill every week with the acumulating balance.
For these individuals, I have told them when they started as well as having recently sent out a reminder, to everyone, that our agreement is weekly and although I do try to work with everyone, I expect ALL account balances to be brought to date by the 31st of every month. If payment has not been received by then, the will be charge a $5 late payment fee or 2% of the outstanding balance, which ever is greater. In addition, we reserve the right to suspend service till the full balance has been received. For the most part they are all up to date.
Last year I only got burned about $100 total.
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