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I'm thinking the same as Cos. I can't imagine people being too happy paying for a full month of cuts, when I only cut it once or twice.
Especially since there are 30 or 40 other companies they can call that will charge per cut. Or worse yet, 15 or 20 other weekend cutters that will cut it bi-weekly all season long!

I'm thinking you gotta be a pretty smooth talking salesman to get them to go for that. Something I'm not. But I guess if you look at the fact that you got some months in spring with 5 and 6 cuts per month because of excess growth, it sorta evens itself out in the end. So I don't get too worried throughout the drought. Plus I use this time to do some hedge trimming and other little jobs that I didn't get to earlier.

I will strive for seasonal contracts someday though. Just can't see it being an easy sell.
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