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This year I went with the 10 month billing agreements (that 20 of 28 clients agreed to) and it has saved my butt big time!

As I drive by and look (there is really nothing to do.. but look) at my crisp-toasty lawns, I can't help but wonder what the customers must be thinking.

So far (fingers crossed) noone has complained and all payments keep coming in on time.

In my agreement I did not specify an amount of visits and based on weather conditions.. I would decide whether the lawn needs cutting or not. BUT they know it's based on approximately 30 visits and I did not anticipate a drought as drastic as the one we are STILL experiencing.

I can't help but feel guilty about giving them only 25, 24 or maybe less if this goes on and on... I'm also worried about them committing to the agreement next year.

I think most understand but if anyone questions it.. I was thinking of telling them that I will compensate them next season.. lowering the price by a couple of visits.

What do you think?

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