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Scotty, for my flat rate contract, cancellation clause reads: "cancellation during the contract will be resolved by an itemized billing for services rendered to date of cancellation, plus one months contract fee. Any balance due or credit refund will be paid within 10 days of cancellation."

When L&M speaks of balancing the billing out in the last two months, he isn't speaking of flat rate pricing. Rather you are thinking like a budgeting plan, as the utility companies try to sell. I would stick with an itemized or flat rate billing, rather than this type of budgeting plan. Less paperwork hassle.

And like I stated before, you are selling a service, not a specific number of visits (at least that is the clientelle you'd like to have, LOL). A friend in the business sells his snow removal with a minimum of 10 pushes (billed 3 {minimum} in Dec, 4 in Jan, 3 in Feb, extras in Mar). If we have only 5 snow events, he still gets paid for being available; and with his dependability, he's earned that! I've seen him have his lots cleared well before streets are open in big storms.
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