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Originally Posted by NSLC View Post
The law in just about every state is almost exactly the same when it comes to the application and reasoning behind deadly force. You cannot use deadly force unless you are being threatend with deadly force. If you shoot someone for being on your property or stealing from your truck or even being in your bedroom at night when you are asleep you will be going to jail for a very long time. (no weapons on the purp, no chance of wininng your case.)Murder 2 or manslaughter depending on the circumstances. I think texas is the only wackphuk state that has little discrimination for deadly force on property.

Remember the law will always defend the living over the material.
That is bull. Unauthorized entrance into a dwelling at night, with people at home is just asking to be shot.

The burglar had better hope he finds your house and not mine. No way someone is walking in and killing or so much as threatening my family or myself.

Besides the fact that there is probably no scarier sound than a twelve gauge going snick-snick when surprising somebody. I own many firearms, and am around guns a lot, firing hundreds of rounds a year. And i can not think of a worse sound to hear.
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