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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
Mini ex since hmm, I'd say 92 or 93, he didnt buy his until 94, he trenched everything prior to that. But he's been operating backhoes and trackhoes since he was in his early 20's and he's 51 now. He got his first job operating running a JD dozer with a backhoe attachment on it in Texas when he worked for Irby Construction digging powerpole foundations, he was a mechanic but they found he could operate, so boom! He got the job!

And thanks Chris, I was doing I'd say probably about the best I'd ever done up until then, that camera had me all worried, the only thing I could think about was dropping it and then running over it.. But I was tracking use my feet up until then to, the way I had the camera on my lap wouldnt let me move my legs around.. But thanks! I am working on getting better, thats one of the reasons for this..

And Chris, it is fast! I couldnt believe it folded up like it did! I was amazed! I didnt know what to do with the correct thumb...
So whats he have to say about bobcats??
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