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My first post was a slight bit rude, so here is some good advice to follow.

Find a good accountant you can trust. Numer one most important thing you must have.

Find out what licensing you need to work in your area.

Get your tax ID number

Get insurance

Financing (future and present equipment purchaces)(same word also mean cash)

Find out your pricing, as what to chrage for what jobs. This is where the CPA will come in handy.

Find out your overhead, another CPA job.

Find your target customers

Advertise to them by what ever means you need to get you foot in the door via be flier, direct mailer, knocking on door, whatever......

Do "QUALITY" work so the best form of advertising pays off :word of mouth".

You should be on you way.

Any one serious about making a new business venture should always consult a CPA you know and trust.
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