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I agree word of mouth works wonders, I just started my new Lawn Care business 2 months ago with just a couple of little yards and im only doing it part time, HOWEVER the word of mouth started WOW, I have not yet posted a sign or shown my phone no and Im too busy to even think about it. I had to send my wife to get my Licenses for 2 counties and I was able to do insurance over the phone (thank God) you see I work 50 hrs a week as a manager of busy sales office and I devote Friday night and all day Saturday to do yard care. I give Sunday to my son and my wife unless i got a project that i did not finish, and she says the three words I love the most .... GO MAKE MONEY

Im a solo project so Im very busy I curently have 10 yards and 1 lot .and people are still approching me to to yard work or trimming palm trees (im 1 of those crazy people who likes getting 30 to 40 ft high in a palm tree Yippieeee)

good luck and If you enjoy hat you do you will be very sucessful.
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