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in the center or on the sides of the torsion bar there is a knuckle with holes in it.

with the door closed!

using 2 strong bars that will fit in these holes (i use 3/8" socket extentions) wind the torsion bar down, alternating holes, the direction the cable will reel out 6-8 revolutions. (depending on door weight)

(some torsion springs even have a line of paint painted on them, when completely wound up the paint will line up across the spring.)

leave one bar in the knuckle, levered against the roof to hold the tension.

connect the cables to the spools and wrap them.

attach the cables to the door and open the door slowly and remove the bar which was levered holding the tension.


if it does not have enough tension, place bar in knuckle while door is open, close door to lever tension.

unhook cables and add a few wraps around the spools and reconnect.


if it has too much tension, place bar in knuckle just before door closes to lever tension.

unhook cables and take a couple wraps off the spool.


i've even seen some doors that have a torsion bar you wind up with a drill.

let me know how you do.
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