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Used commercial vs new residential mower

I'm currently looking for my first ZTR to use to mow my 2.5 acre lot. The terrain is a bit rugged with various slopes. I've been trying to do my research but the choices are overwhelming. I want to stay around the $5K price range. I'm currently torn between two mowers. One is a used commercial (Scag Wildcat, 61 inch deck, 25 or 26HP Kaw liquid cooled, 444 hours, $5500 and no tax, the seller is a lawn pro with a fleet of these plus others and will also be the one servicing the unit). The other mower is a residential (Exmark Quest, 48 inch deck, 23 or 24HP Kohler Command, is a scratch and dent so it's cheaper than normal, $4199 plus tax, great dealer).

There is a pretty large difference in price, though I realize I'd be getting much more mower along with that. The questions is, do I really need all that mower for my application. I'm also concerned about buying used since I'm not much of a mechanic and don't really know what to look for to make sure a use machine doesn't have some hidden faults (Is 444 hours a lot?) The thing that I like about the Quest is that it has the Kohler Commmand engine on it rather than the standard B&S ELS, so it does have an actual commercial engine.

Any insight into my concerns or general thoughts on my situation are much appreciated.
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