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Originally Posted by GracesLandscaping View Post
could not tell you about how the scag does about scalping because i do not know all mowers are different in that area like my dixie never ever scapls whereas the exmark im currently running does. but its easily avoidable if your paying attn to what your doing. other than ditches and being careless, the only problem would be if there was a very small mound in the yard about 2 foot around, and 8 inches high... thats the only time ive had trouble with scalping that cant be avoided
Ok, sounds like I probably don't need to worry about scalping.

Any suggestions on the things I should inspect on the used machine? I have been able to drive it and seems to run nicely, but wasn't able to cut anything because the grass hasn't started growing yet. It seems like the hydros were making a whining noise when I was operating them very slowly while performing tight turns. Maybe they were just cold because it was only 35 degrees out.

The Scag does still have 1 year and 3 mo. left on its warranty. Do those usually transfer to the next owner. The dealer also said if anything went wrong in the first year he'd fix it for only the cost of the parts.
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