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Originally Posted by sdk1959 View Post
Is a good choice. Smooth ride, floating deck to limit scalping, full length rollers for striping, 6.5 gallon tank, mulching and bagging attachments are available for it. You also may be able to special order with a Vanguard engine since Briggs owns Simplicity. See link below.

It also weighs less than 800LBs not 1100LBs or more like most full-blown commercial mowers which could lead to ruts and soil compaction in your lawn.

Unless your disciplined enough to change your mowing pattern every week and get aeration every year steer clear of commercial mowers. Yeah they are built to last 3000 hours or more so for the average homeowner who runs it 50 hours a season it would last 75 years. So your paying for hours you'll never use. Overkill.

Many dealers stop carrying most OEM parts for commercial Z-Turn mowers after 7-10 years so if you need a OEM part after that your SOL and stuck with a heavy and expensive boat anchor. A busy LCO will put up to a 1000hrs or more a season on a Z-Turn so after 3-5 years on average they are replaced. Commercial Z-Turn mowers are built and made for commercial users, not residential users.

Good luck with your choice.
Looks similar to the Quest. It seems to have more attachments, unfortunately the closest dealer is 60 miles away. It's not really that far, but would prefer to stay closer if possible.
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