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Originally Posted by ARP View Post
Thanks all (MRSOPS and GW). I'm working on uploading some pics from my jobs from the last month.

GW- The head is a rebranded FECON. I originally bought a FECON but returned it (long story). The Bobcat head has worked out better than I expected so far. Cuts faster, less vibration than the FECON, and service access is easier (hinged covers to the inside of the head).

Canon- I'll say this once. Grow up.

Yes I may still live with my parents, but I believe if you look back a couple of pages I addressed this fact and that you can tell that is certainly not the plan for the rest of my life. I don't know too many 22 year olds who work the hours I do without getting paid for it (still haven't paid myself- paying off loans and buying equipment first).

I hope I mistook the intent of your comment and I will be the first to apologize if that is the case. However, if that is not the case, please don't ruin this thread with comments like that. I have never come on here to brag or make claims that are false. I enjoy this site and the threads on here as they are highly educational and inspirational. I know that in the years leading up to my business launch I visited this site often. I only share my pics and stories so that young future business owners like myself can see how stressful, challenging, and fun owning this type of business can be.
APR im very impressed with what your doing.. I myself bought my first machine when i was 22.. I mean it was only a bobcat mt52 but you know its a good feeling
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