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lube lube lube

Originally Posted by chrissmart123 View Post
hey guys i just got my first walker the other day and i have a few questions.. its a 2002 26efi engine, the hour meeter reads 1674 and it blinks and says "1674...1674....lube...lube..1974"..and so on what does this mean???? Also should the exhaust be glowing red and night? the idle is not smooth and some time has trouble getting up to full throttle. i know my questions my sound silly but i just spent some nice pocket change on it and am a little worried, please help..thanks
your hour meter will flash every 25 hours and say lube that means you need to grease all the zerks and trust me there are tons of them. i have had my walker for 4 years now and just found 2 that i didnt know were there. i would get an owners manual if i were you. now at every 100 hours it will flash oil guess what that means? yes you need to change the oil and filter
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