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I've got an excellent recipe. It works great for me. Keep in mind, I treat warm season turf. Your mix needs to contain all 3 of these. It needs a Pre-emergent, Post emergent Broadleaf weed control and Fertilizer. I use Prodiamine as my Pre-emergent but there are others. It is dry and has to be weighed. Read the label and it will give you rate recommendations for length of control. The post emergent you will use will most likely contain 2,4 D. I use Lesco 3-way. There are others such as Trimec. Read the label and it will recommend rates, probably in pints per acre. I use Uflexx in my tank for my source of N. Great stuff. The bags have different amounts printed on the bag to broadcast the rate/k. I also add micromix. Read the label and it will recommend a range of oz/k. If you have noticed, there are 2 things that are very important in your quest to get your recipe and they are 2 things nobody on here can do for you. They are #1 Calibrate your equipment so you know your rate-gals/acre or gals/k. #2 Read the label so you know how much to add to your tank to broadcast the proper amount per acre and ultimately achieve the desired results. For the most part, there is no recipe until your equipment is calibrated properly. Hope this helped.
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