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Oil grade for 19 OHV Kawasaki

I just picked up a used Lesco 54" hydro with a 19Horse Kawasaki V-twin (HF601V). I didn't get an owners manual for the engine, just the mower, it says use 10W40 SE or SF grade, but from everything I have read that sounds like the wrong grade for this motor.

BTW what does the 'SE' and 'SF' mean?

I was under the impression that 30Weight was the recommended oil for air-cooled motors. I am still considering using mobil1 10W30 instead. I plan on only using this machine less than 50 hours a year.... Anyone have a manual for this motor? anyone have some recommendations?

I tried to look at kawasaki's web site and could only find a part diagram, no specs at all. I did find out from another site that it takes 2 quarts of oil...can anyone confirm?

Also the hydro fluid is supposed to be 20W50 (at least that is what it says on the tank) I am also thinking of going to Mobil1 I believe the 15W50 is the closest? does that sound like a good choice or should I stick with a 20W50?

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