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Well without knowing "the rest of the story", its hard to make a correct decision for you, like do you have enough accounts to get a good start now? Is this a plan for next season? Do you have a current job that handles winter income or some form of cash flow for at least 4 months? IF your plan is to go into business yourself then is the college plans on hold or out? Are you strictly getting into maintenance or are you going to do applications, landscaping, etc?. Whatever the case may be what i can tell you is that banks and credit unions alike are crying to make loans, and the rates are virtually at robbery levels. The rates won't fall any lower, (lol, don't hold me to that), these rates now are lower than what your rates will be for that student loan for college right now too. Shop the loan out though, just like you would for equipment. Most are still going to hold some form of collateral whether its the equipment, some personal collateral, or even someone to co-sign. Another thing to remember, though your mind might be set for the equipment you want, shop, shop, and shop now through the winter if your start up is in spring. With this economy the equipment will go for pennies on the dollar with those getting out of this business or manufacturers with huge inventories. Good Luck!
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