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Hey, Just wandering if anybody has experience with one of these? I'm considering the 300 4WD. I've searched the forums and have found very little info. on them. I know they've only been out for a couple of years. How do they perform on hills & muddy/wet areas? Am not really interested in the trenching attachment because I do not do irrigation. What I am more interested in are the buckets, augers, and tiller. Does anyone have price info., too? I was quoted $16,700 for the 300 4WD w/the high lift tool carrier. Thanks for any info.!
We were the first to demo these units when they came out two years ago. For us the deal killer was the lack of tracks and mobility compared to the units we were goint to replace. For tight back yards I have yet to find a machine that can move material as efficiently through a 34" gate, self load and high dump as our tracked dumpers. In addition to running a trencher and auger when needed. We ended up buying the same units again for $12500.
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