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Its probobly not normal for most client bases. It may not fly with many of them. Its a good idea though IF.....IF.....IF you keep good records and keep a property map with notes, measurements, etc on file.

I can't see charging that for adding someones name to a piece of scratch paper some companies call a route sheet though.

If you explain to them that by keeping good records (like I said earlier with the map and all) could actually save them money and you time when it comes to estimating.

I.E.'ll already have the sq.ft. of mulched area in the yard.

I.E.'ll have the total sq. ft. of turf handy

Maybe records of how much you used last year, things you learned about the property to watch out for, etc, etc.

It could work with higher end clients, but it might scare some other folks off. Be careful.
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