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Wouldn't it be wiser to go after long term business? I mean years and years of grounds maintenance. Really would be a nuisance to fill the route every year. By charging this upfront, he is getting paid a little in advance in case the client drops him after a few cuts.

15 years ago I decided I would not deal with shoppers anymore. I set an hourly list price, and set up discounts for different classes of service. The full service customers get a 15% discount off list, BUT in the first 2 years of service this is only a 10% discount. I invest time in learning a property, and the extra 5% pays for my extra time in learning it.

One time service is list price; shouldn't someone wanting you to mow once or twice pay more than those who provide your income month after month? I actuslly set prices with the 15% discounted rate being the rate I want for my work. If I have the time to take one time things, I'm getting 18% more than the regular clients pay.
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